They walk the red carpet, scorch the silver queen and rule the hearts of millions of people. And, one day, they give it all up, for the innocent smiles and to create new memories with their babies. Suddenly life becomes all about feed time and sleepless nights. Yet, they don’t lose their charm and impeccable style.

Lets look at some of the popular mommies of Bollywood:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Mum1

News of her pregnancy spread like wildfire. Hers was the most awaited baby, in Bollywood. Even after being so close to delivering her baby, Aishwarya handled the media attention with such poise and vigour. She made public appearances wearing the heavily embroidered anarkali suits and became everyone’s favorite talking point..whether good or bad.

Raveena Tandon: Mum2

A mother of two, Raveena Tandon still looks as ravishing as ever. With a combination of intense workouts and a healthy diet, she lost all the post- baby flab. Soon after her first child, she was seen wearing dresses, trousers and gowns. Now, isn’t that an achievement?

Sussanne Roshan:Mum3

Famous for her classy statements, Sussanne Roshan never lost her charm, even post pregnancy. A mother of two, she doesn’t fail to stun the fashion police with her style. Hard to spot a mother as cute as Sussanne Roshan, right?

Sushmita Sen:Mum4

She can easily be termed as The Supermom of Bollywood. Leaving her career aside, Sushmita Sen became the most dotted mom of Bollywood, when she decided to adopt a girl…not once, but twice! She did let herself go post pregnancy and gained oodles of weight but was quick to come back to her svelte self. Rumored to get married soon, all is well in her world.

Sridevi: Mum5

After ruling the silver screen for years, Sridevi finally settled down and had two girls, soon after. But even today, you can’t fault her on her svelte figure. Her style is quintessentially classic. She will be seen as comfortable on screen, as being a normal mother to her kids in real life.  Hands- on, we say!

Lara Dutta:Mum6

When it comes to talking about the boldest mother, the title surely goes to Lara Dutta. Bandage dresses were a regular, even during pregnancy. She proudly flaunted the baby bump in public. Despite being touted as one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood, she had no qualms gaining so much weight and being a perfect mother to her baby.

The mommies of Bollywood make motherhood look stylish. For them, it’s their baby, who becomes the centre of their universe. They like it that way. So do we!


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