Your Guide To Find The Perfect Boots This Winter

With winter comes boots! After all, nothing can prepare us for winter like a pair of comfortable and fashionable boots. They are perfect to upgrade your winter look and make it look edgier.

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However, selecting the right pair for yourself can prove to be difficult, so we have a guide which will help you make the right choice while purchasing boots. Read on to know more:

  1. Chelsea Boots

They are the most comfortable and are made for walking only. This classic style was popularised in mod-era 1960s and has been one of the most sought after style since then. It’s seasonless design makes it wearable both in winters and summers.

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2. Edgy Moto Boots 

For a casual yet, stylish everyday wear, moto boots should be the go-to choice. They are ideal when you want to go around the town to run errands. In case you wish to purchase a pair, make sure you invest in quality boots which boast of good leather, solid sole and a reliable hardware.

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3. Uggs

Uggs gained popularity in 1960s when surfers began wearing them, as they were perfect for cold, numb, wet feet. They originated in New Zealand and Australia and are made of sheepskin with fleece on the inside, tanned outer surface and synthetic sole.

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4. Stacked Bootie

Every woman must have a pair of stacked bootie in her closet. Black, brown and maroon are the staple colours which will go with almost any fall look. Make sure the pair you invest in are thick heeled as they will be more comfortable. You will be able to wear them for hours without getting tired. Pencil heeled booties have a feminine appeal and will be ideal for a party look. However, irrespective of the heel type, they will make you look slimmer.

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5. Riding Boots 

By definition, riding boot is any boot which is close to the knee in length or higher than the knees. They are usually best in black and brown (and it’s various shades) colours.

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6. Knee High Boots

Knee high boots look best with pencil skirts and skinnies. However, a long coat looks uber chic with these boots. Not just that, they also protect your skin from the chilly and harsh winter winds. So, they are perfect for your comfortable yet, stylish winter look.

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7. Cowboy Boots 

Adapted from the boots worn by cowboys while riding, these boots are chic and can lend an eclectic touch to your look. They are ideal to complete that bohemian look.

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