Winter Date Ideas – Have A Heartwarming Winter You All

So, here we are in the middle of one of the most magical season of the year. It gives us the perfect opportunity to idle time away with our significant other, from long hand-in-hand walks to eating out to binge watching t.v. shows and movies, this time of the year is definitely the most romantic.

But, venturing out for a date night during winter can be little cumbersome. However, this shouldn’t stop you from having a date even when it’s freezing outside and you needn’t go overboard to have a great time with your special one.

Here are some winter date ideas which you can consider from December to March :

  1. Movie Marathon 

You can do a themed movie marathon, like winter season thrillers or romantic movies which will warm your heart.

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2. Ice-Skating 

We don’t experience snowfall in metropolitan cities, but you can definitely head to an indoor rink. Try this on a weekend and then head to a nearby cafe to grab a tasteful cup of hot chocolate.

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3. Board Silly 

The weather might dampen your spirit, but it can never make you too old to enjoy a game of scrabble, uno cards or any board game for that matter.

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4. Weekend Getaway

If the two of you are adventure-seekers, then you can take a weekend camping trip in the mountains before the weather starts to get too cold.

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5. Attend a Comedy Show

You can tell a lot about a person (read: how smart they are) by what they laugh at! Also, it will be a great way to spend some time together. You can head out for lovely dinner afterwards.

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Spread love and have a cheery winter!

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