What describes the traveler in you? A question that poses as a challenge every time you plan a trip or a holiday. So here we are, making an attempt to better your Incredible Indian experience by helping you understand your travel style.

P.S.– It also helps in managing your budget and prioritizing your favourite destinations!


Crazy Traveller

You suffer from the constant urge to imprint your steps off the beaten path. You survive on the thrills that adventure sports offer you. You can’t keep your twiddling toes at a single steady place! You laugh at the very thought of “travel guide books”. If you just agreed to all of them, you truly are the Crazy Adventurer! You experience the world by solely exploring places, heard and unheard, seen and unseen – a list of your travel destinations without an end!

Wondering if this is completely defining the traveler, how could India feature on that destinations’ list? This enigmatic land has a lot to offer… bungee jumping and white water river rafting in Rishikesh to mountain biking in Leh, kayaking in the Ganges to trekking the Himalayas, paragliding in Dharamshala to even boat racing in Allepey…. and the list is endless!


Lazy Traveler

The perfect sunset, either on the mountains or the beaches, secluded symphonies in the background, a honeymoon with your novels or your partner… this truly describes the Lazy Voyager! You love that vacation planned just to sooth your senses. You have a guide-book ready at all times, taking you away from the humdrum of city life. And what matters the most is that your leisure time doesn’t fall too heavy on your wallet!

Thought Himachal was only for the adventurer? Think again! Every place offers something for every kind of traveler out there. You could get lazy on the beaches of the western coast, or in the hills of Himalayas, or even the scorching deserts of Rajasthan!

Still wondering your “Great Indian Experience” is defined by different travel styles? Then stay tuned for a similar post that may just help you discover India even more!

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Image Courtesy: india-discovery.com, magnumphotos.com, tourservicesindia.wordpress.com


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