Some are attracted by the rich Indian culture and heritage, while some are drawn by the peace and serenity of the simplistic age-old Indian traditions. Some come with the sole purpose of splurging, while some are just looking for the “Great Indian Experience”!

So here we are with the second part to “What’s your travel style!”


Travel Style - Historian

Your love for art, culture and history takes you places. You intend to broaden not just your intellect, but also your traveler’s encyclopedia. And you definitely look forward to trips for exploring the heritage and archaeology and culture in Indian lives! So you are truly the Historical Explorer! Museums, archaeological sites, cultural fairs, architectural heritage and traditional experiences are what makes your travels worthwhile!

With a history of over 3000 years, India is an ideal place for the Historical Explorer. From the ruins of Leh, to the Rajputana palaces of Rajasthan, from the colonial structures to the Mughal extravaganza, there is no end to the astounding expanse of Indian heritage and history!


Travel Style - Spa

You are in search for an ideal escapade from your hectic city life, and you plan a holiday and not a travel, just to splurge on yourself! Then you are the Stylish Houdini, revering in the aspects of spa treats, yoga and ayurveda, and resorts. The business class or that first class cruise is your means of transport, and you step out of your luxury condo only to step into the regal carpets of palace hotels.

While the house boats in the lake valleys of Kashmir or the backwaters of Kerala sooth your senses; the historic palace hotels of Udaipur and Jaipur are your final destination!

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Image courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons: Dennis Wong

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