Indians are a happy, quirky and an overly emotional bunch! Known to do everything in a uniquely distinct manner, we quite define the stereotypes! From superstitions to our million gods, we are so very unique! And so are our names!

We put our heart and soul into naming every being that enters this world. Even the chaukidaar (guard) strolling the streets at night gives every gali ka kutta (stray dog) a meaningful name (over emotional bunch like I said)!

The quirkiest of it all are the ghar ke naam (nicknames) that our loving parents give to us at birth, the ones that follow one to the grave! Some people take real pride in introducing themselves with it too! And sometimes years pass by before you even realize that, that’s not their real name!!!

But i guess it’s this tinge of craziness that makes us stand out and it’s not surprising that this extends to our names too! You must be wondering why this quirk of Indian names keeps popping up! I’ll tell you why, I have enough reason and proof too! It’s because this time Indian parents took the notion of ‘meaningful names’ to a complete new level!

Until now I thought Davaluri Surya Sachya Sarathy Venkata Krishna Mohan Choudhry was the longest and craziest Indian name ever! And then i came across a Hotel! No, not a five star property, a person named HOTEL!!! Who names a child that! Why??? And you thought it’s only the rich celebrities that give their kids outlandish names like Apple or North! Haha! Thinking again aren’t we!

If Hotel flipped you! This will have you rolling out of your chairs! We even have a Coffee, English, Pistol, Revolver, Police Jawan, Japan, a guy named Shaadi also in this nation! Like wow! I’m so glad to have a generic name suddenly! 

This is still not the end as we are also pleased to introduce Mr. Elvis & Mr. Briestly! Not Presley, but Briestly, so he won’t come too low in the alphabetical ranking! Imagine if all parents started applying this logic to name their kids! 

In another part of the country, a couple even named their son Clinton Kumar, as part of the excitement and celebrations preceding Bill Clinton’s Presidential win in ’92!

Oh and did I mention, Mr. Court! Well this young man’s name is the direct result of his father having a conversation about courts, while he was being born! Lucky him! :p

But personally I pity Mr. Cycle the most! Being named after an object your parents just procured, just doesn’t cut it! 

In India, you realize the deeper you go and the clearer the reasons behind our idiosyncratic views on life become! For what makes us great is truly incomplete without this odd yet extraordinary quality of the quirky Indian!

P.S.: For those of you still wondering where Hotel got his name from, here it is! This 53 year old man owes his name to the fact that his mom went into labour near a hotel serving idli and sambhar and so began the epic katha of Mr. Hotel!

Didn’t we just add to your list of favourite Indian names? (Devilish grin :D)

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Image Courtesy: gustakhimaaf.com

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