Wacky Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

Extravagant fashion shows, glossy magazine covers, designer labels – they make everyone want to ape the latest trends and crave for more with every changing season. Well, that’s the thing about fashion, it makes everyone want to be glamorous and discover an identity which is unique to each individual. Although, there are times when trends get bizarre and peculiar.

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Of late, certain trends have come up which are rather fascinating and with the festive season in full swing, they are worth a try. Lets have a look at them –

1) Spray Nail Paint

Recently launched in two colours – pink and silver – by Nail Inc in UK, it has become a rage among youngsters. This will come as a relief for all those who have to struggle with the bottle and brush. The spray – on nail paint can will give you even colour and coverage in a matter of 20 seconds. A base coat is applied on the nails, for the spray to fix and then the paint is sprayed. It’s definitely messy as half of your fingers get covered with paint, but it’s very easy to sort that out. Apply a final protective layer on top and then wash your hands with warm water and soap to get rid of the remaining colour on your skin.

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2) Beard Embellishments

The Movember might be over, but you can be wacky at this year’s Christmas and New Year parties with beard decorations. They sound silly, but what’s the fun without being little silly? You can cover your beard with miniature Christmas decorations and lots of glitter. This can be a small start to let the New Year begin in the wackiest way possible!

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3) Graphic Eyeliner

Eyeliners are great to give definition to your eyes and to transform your look. However, graphic eye make up is the flavour of the season. It involves creating bold shapes and shadows on the eyelids, anything from free-flowing shapes to geometric shapes will work. Black is the most popular choice, but people are also introducing colours to give definition to that edgy look. So you better start experimenting to master that perfect stroke!

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