Valentine’s Day For Singles

For those who are in love, Valentine’s day is a time to reflect on your relationship and rejoice the love that you share with your special someone. Then there are others, who have just walked out of a relationship and enjoying their single status, while there are few who have always enjoyed staying single.

Being single isn’t that big a deal and just because you don’t have someone special on 14th February, it doesn’t mean that the day itself can’t be special. Here’s how you can enjoy your single status on Valentine’s day –

1. Organise a Singles party

Gather all your single friends and organise a party. It will give you all a chance to spend time with the ones you care about and celebrate being fabulous!

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2. Play Secret Valentine

Just like secret santa is for Christmas, you can play secret valentine with your co-workers and other single friends.

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3. Go On A Shopping Spree

Take all the money you would have spent on gifts, chocolates and dinner date and spend it on reinventing your wardrobe. A lot of stores offer sale during this time, so you also get to save money!

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4. Take That Trip You’ve Been Delaying

Go somewhere you have always wanted to go and make the most of your free time. Nurture your love for travel and exploration!

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5. Enjoy Puppy Love

Love pets? Volunteer at an animal shelter and see how your day brightens after all the time you spend with the dogs.

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6. Babysit For The Forever Busy Couple 

There’s always a couple who would love to take few hours off from parent duties to spend quality time together. Offer to baby sit for them, since you don’t have any plans, they’ll probably even pay you.

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Experience love in it’s various forms, until you find your special someone!

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