Trends To Watch Out For in 2017

First month of 2017 is about to get over and how?! Leave the bewilderment behind and get ready to brace the madness which this year is about to bring. Like many other things, there’s something new introduced every year in the world of fashion also.

Such is the story of 2017, as it brings new fashion trends which will dominate our wardrobes this year. So, here’s a guide to help you stay your fashionable best all year round :

  1. Stripes 

This fashion staple can never fail and will remain timeless. So, get ready to see stripes on everything this year – from dresses to shirts to sweaters. Seaside stripes, breton stripes, banker stripes, barcode stripes, pencil stripes, candy stripes, jail stripes – say yes to all of them!

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2. The Shoulder Game is ON

The shoulder obsession is still on in the fashion industry and you’ll get to witness some variations this year. Flashdance shoulder, strong shoulders and single shoulder cutout will be in trend.

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3. Sleeve Slits 

It’s time to bid goodbye to flared sleeves and say hello to sleeve slits! Slay in style with this silhouette.

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4. Artistic Prints 

The runways witnessed a lot of artistic prints this year and they are here to rule our closets.

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5. Boyscouts Sash

This asymmetrical trend will bring in just the right kind of drama to your look. Scouts honour!

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6. Ruffles

Lend a romantic vibe to your look this season with the most-loved trend of this year.

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7. White Shirt Dress

It was all over the runways and has a very comfortable yet, chic silhouette. Interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines lend an eclectic appeal to it, so pick one which will flatter your figure.

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So a little change here and a little experiment there and you’ll be all set to have a fashionable 2017!


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