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India is well known and famous for its traditional jewellery. With every region or state, come its own traditions and its very own uniquely styled jewellery! The traditional Indian jewellery reflects a very royal and ethnic look to the wearer and is therefore worn at any traditional or auspicious occasion. Nowadays Traditional jewellery is worn not only with traditional outfits but with modern ethnic outfits also, thus blending traditional look with a modern touch.

Traditional accessories represent a woman’s attitude and style. It defines their fashion statement and enhances their personality and embellishes their beauty! Now famous and available all over the world, these ornaments can be worn individually or can be combined in accordance to the attire and the occasion. Apiece of accessory exists literally for every, or almost every, part of the female body and there is one special ornament/jewelry for every occasion!

Some of the traditional Indian accessories are:

  1. Maang Tikka: It is conventionally worn on the head, placed on the parting of your hair. The tikka is an important ornament for the Indian bride, although women wear on special occasions as well.Maang Tikka
  2. Jhumar: Mostly worn by Indian women of the Muslim religion, this piece of accessory is fan-shaped and hung from the middle to the side of the head, traditionally on the left side of the head.Jhumar
  3. Nose ring: Most Indian women out there in the country have their nose pierced. Its a traditional yet a fashionable statement for Indian women. Suprisingly, they originate from the Middle East and arrived into India with the Mughals. Nose rings and/or pins are known as the “Nath,” or “Koka.”Nose Ring
  4. Kamarband: A rather dainty piece of ornament- this is a waist-band, a thin string that is tied above the waist-line. This piece of accessory is mostly worn with saris, where the waist is exposed.Kamar bandh
  5. Anklets: This beautiful piece of jewellery is worn by women all around the country and by women of all ages. Indian anklets, worn around the ankle, are mostly known for the intricate or elaborate designs.Anklet

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