Things To Add To Your Winter Bucket List

There’s a dip in the mercury, a nip in the air, days have become shorter and this signals the onset of winters! Winter is a season both liked and disliked for many reasons. Liked for things like afternoons spent under the sun, hot chocolate and fashionable layering and disliked for chilly winds, early sunsets and rough dry skin.

However, winter is another season with its own charm and we all end up loving it for various reasons. Apart from the festivities, there are more things to look forward to and they should be added to your winter bucket list.

So make this winter a memorable one by trying the following with your friends and family.

1. Movie Marathon 

Gather your friends and family together on a weekend and make hot chocolate before you start a run of your favourite movies back to back.

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2. Community Service 

The less fortunate are always most hit during winters. Without any shelter and proper clothing, winters are definitely harsh on them. You can always choose to donate your old clothes and belongings to the needy.

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3. Bonfire Night

Winter nights spent near the bonfire are always the best. You can organise a barbecue dinner with your family. It can be a great way to spend some quality time together.

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4. Learn to knit

Why should knitting only be for grandmothers? You can always learn to knit some cool scarves and sweaters and probably gift them to your grandparents.

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5. Cooking classes

Food is the most essential and the most loved thing all year round, but there’s something exceptional about winter meals. Learn to cook exquisite dishes and make your loved ones try them.

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6. City Tour

Take a day trip in and around your city on warm winter afternoon. You could take your camera along and probably do some photography.

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