The Work Wardrobe Concoct – Edition V

For 15 years of school life, uniform was a norm! It was during college when we got the liberty to experiment with our wardrobe, nobody to dictate us and no uniform to bind us. But those college years were very short and before we even realized it, we had to take on responsibilities of being an adult and get into the groove of work life.

Corporate environment can be mundane and if you’re part of an organization which doesn’t like to follow the dress code of black, brown and white; then you can definitely explore different styles and make a statement with your corporate wear. To make it a little easy, we are launching a collection that will help you push the right buttons to nail that chic corporate look, so here’s a sneak peak!

1. Magic of Beige and Gold

This combination of beige and gold is just so apt to make a classy style statement in the boardroom. Comfortable cigarette pants and the flared top don’t even need much accessories, a pair of black pumps and make up in subtle shades will do the trick for you.



2. Maroon’s play with Grey and Black

The richness of eclectic red combined with grey and black can only bring the best look one can imagine. To top it all, an offbeat silhouette is just what you need to spell power dressing in a unique way. Looking classy isn’t that difficult now, is it?



3. Coz basics never disappoint

Look suave and business oriented in this set of black top combined with floral printed trousers. This basic style with a little twist to it will make you an instant favourite among your colleagues.



4.  To keep up that vow quotient

Picking the right dress for work can never get easier. Comfortable, elegant and stylish – just perfect for a busy day at office. You can’t deny that the rich colour palette is definitely a bonus!



5. Blue for corporate glam

Royal blue top with subtle detailing in gold because a little embellishment hurt nobody. Pair it with palazzos, long skirts or a pair of black skinny pants to keep it stylish yet simple.





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