The Organic Way to Beauty

While growing up we all have been fascinated with beauty products and even now when we come across any new product, our curiosity to use it is still the same. The beauty business has flourished tremendously over time and the reason for this is that people are becoming more and more self-conscious about their looks. Though most beauty products are composed out of chemical substances that can take a toll on our skin. No wonder they say looking good comes with a cost (in many ways yes!).

That’s when we realize why we should listen to the wise words of our grandmothers. Nothing can indeed beat natural care, but at the same time most of us don’t have enough time to really concoct these natural beauty remedies. That’s when we can rely on organic brands that are indeed a blessing in this fast paced life, so here goes a list of few of them :

1. Imli Street 

Imli Street likes to formulate its products from Ayurveda’s knowledge of health and wellness. Their products are free from harmful ingredients like petroleum, artificial ccolours and even artificial fragrances. Pamper yourself with products which will nurture that natural beauty.

Orange & Lavender Massage Oil by Imlistreet – Bath & Body


2. Rustic Art 

Rustic Art is widely known for its supreme variety of hand-crafted bath soaps that are infused with essential oils like sandalwood, orange and cinnamon. These range of soaps have been formulated with an idea to cure all sorts of skin conditions. Their shampoos are free from sulphates and other harmful ingredients. So here’s one brand on which you can rely to get gorgeous skin and hair!

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3. OmVed

A brand whose motto is conscious living – they manufacture products which are safe for both you and the environment. They are made in India and are biodegradable, these chemical free products are definitely some of the best you will find in India.

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 4. Fuschia

Another brand which is known for its natural glycerine based soaps. Wonder of natural, eco-friendly and chemical free products that are skin-friendly. Fuschia understands the importance of natural rejuvenation.

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5. BioBloom

BioBloom is of the belief that natural beauty needs extra care and it has made it possible for the modern women to  go natural and embrace their quirks. Explore the amazing the range of BioBloom products that will make you look your best.


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