The Ethereal Combination of Blue and White

There’s something so alluring about the combination of blue and white that nobody can escape its appeal. Over the centuries, this combination has stood the test of time and it continues to be everyone’s favourite – from blue and white Chinese pottery, to the lovely fabric prints from France, to spellbinding architecture of Cyclades. Whatever be the form, this lovely fusion always exudes a very fresh, serene and a natural appeal.

The best part about this colour palette is that it’s simple yet gorgeous at the same time and come what may, it will always stay in trend.

Come and explore the variety of products and know for yourself as to how versatile this combination is :

1. For those calm and lovely living spaces

Home decor in shades of blue accented with white lends a spacious look to the living room. At the same time it also boasts of class, style and comfort.



2. For that elegant and charming look

Be it apparels, accessories or even foot wear – blue and white are very soothing and the perfect combination to make a style statement. Pleasing in appeal with a graceful style is indeed the way to go!

clothes collage




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