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Pop Art

Indian Pop Art

Pop art has been around since the 1950’s. It emerged as a reaction to the predominantly elitist art prevalent at the time. …


Block Printing

Block printing began in the 18th century in Rajasthan and since then has been passed down from one generation of skilled block …


The Organic Way to Home

“It’s not how big’s the house. It’s how happy’s the home.” This statement holds very true indeed. A home is where everyone’s …


The Return of the Sharara

The class of a Begum! The Adah of a damsel. It’s raining Sharara pants, quiet literally. The fashion weeks since the beginning …

Conde Nast Media Group's Fifth Anniversary Of Fashion Rocks - Arrivals

The Saree Goes International!

Although the Indian fashion scene has been deeply influenced by the west; the Saree is making its way to Hollywood and beyond. …


Jugaad: The Indian Way!

The uniquely Indian term, ‘Jugaad’ could mean anything from innovation to making do with one has to recycling to up-cycling. Truth be …