Summer Dresses For Your Body Type

This year summer has gotten the best of everyone, with scalding heat and low energy levels being the highlight of this season. Summer is a time to relax, refresh and reinvent yourself in every way possible. It’s a time when one can be his/her most experimental self and experimenting with one’s personal style is probably the best way to start.

Summer is a season of dresses, in fact summers bring out the real fun of wearing dresses. Although, a lot of women get conscious over this, thinking dresses will highlight their problem areas. So you need not fret anymore, as we are here to give you some suggestions for dresses according to your body type.

1. Hour Glass Shape 

Dressing for this body type is a very easy task. All you’ll have to do is make sure that you select a silhouette which will accentuate your curves.



2. Oval Shape 

Having hips and waist as wide as the shoulders makes it a little difficult to pick that perfect dress. A straight cut dress or dresses with v-necks, deeper necklines and vertical stripes will do the trick.

Blue Net Embroidered Dress With Back Zipper By Mynah’S by Reynu Taandon


3. Pear Shape

If your lower body is wider compared to your upper body, then you’re pear shape body type. You can do the trick by paying more attention to your upper half by wearing dresses that have plunging necklines, are sleeveless and by accessorizing with scarves, earrings etc.

White Cotton Ikat Dress By Saiesta


4. Straight Body Type 

Since there’s not much difference between the size of your bust, waist and hips; the solution is to wear dresses that will emphasise your waist. Shift dresses, empire line dresses and drop waist lines will look really good.

White Polyester Short Dress By Nikhita Mynah Designs


5. Plump Body Type

If you’re someone on a little heavier side, you can always go for cotton dresses which do have proper fittings, they will keep you at comfort and also make you look stylish.

Peach Linen & Cotton Woven Dress By Grassroot



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