Sulakshana Monga: A Tale Of Love

Sulakshana Monga’s journey from Bikaner to the ramps of the most sought after fashion weeks across the country, is a tale woven with love. Monga’s label SOLTEE, a poetic translation of the word ‘relationships’ residing in the realm on Nepali lexicon, is an ode to design synergies that are born to be dreamy.


What inspires the designer to create her fluid silhouettes in shades of purity and neutrals is the necessity to bring out a language of design that is fluent in a narrative of elegance. The designer has championed a movement in the direction of building bridal trousseau, classic menswear staples and elegant evening wear, culminating into a collection after another with in fabrics exuding old world charm, embellishments with a regal panache and a palette that is nurtured with care.

By dwelling in the sea of menswear, Monga displays her versatile design aesthetics and the ability to transform men into blue blooded nawabs.


Monga’s vision for SOLTEE is visible in the label’s endeavour to weave in high-end garments that are revolving around the essence of mysticism. Every trim and stitch works in a harmonious way to ink a serene poetry of drapes and craft.

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