Style Tips To Take From Our Bollywood Divas

From playing challenging roles on the silver screen to gracing the glossy covers of a fashion magazine to acing that perfect red carpet look. Our Bollywood actors have a flair for pulling off almost any outfit and they never shy away from showing off their eclectic sense of style.

Read on to know all the style tips which you can take from the celebrities –

  1. Travel Look 

Comfort is imperative while travelling. However, at the same time, one also wants to look stylish. Keeping up with the ongoing trends and selecting what suits you best should be the way to go.

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2. Party Look

Be it a little dress, skirts or dresses – our Bollywood divas can rock almost any outfit with panache. Always make sure that you dress according to your body type.

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3. Cocktail Sarees

Sarees are the go-to piece of every Indian woman for those special occasions. Statement blouses, eclectic draping styles and beautiful accents are what you need for a look which is traditional, yet appealing.

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4. Street Style 

The most stylish and probably the most easy going style – street style is almost every Bollywood divas choice of style. Chic, comfortable and uber stylish is how we will define it!

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