Stay In Trend All Of 2017

The never ending round of fashion shows for this season have come to an end and we have a fair idea about what is going to trend in the fashion circuit in 2017. While minimalism was the rule last year, this year is going to bring some big changes to our style.

Brace yourselves for some serious wardrobe interference. Read more to know and decide what you’d like to incorporate into your everyday style.

  1. Colour Crush

Khaki colour was out for some time now, but this year it’s here to rule your wardrobe. Pink has been a favourite among the designers this season – from soft pastels to bold fuschias, this colour is here to stay! Yellow and all its tints and shades will set the mood for spring this time. Last but, not the least – colour of the year, greenery is all set to add a dose of freshness to your look.

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2. Trench Coats 

The timeless trench will become a staple for every fashionista – slouchy fabrics, big belts and extended silhouettes will do the talking.

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3. Robes 

The messy and lazy everyday look can never be uncool – pyjamas are out, it’s time to bring out the robes!

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4. Defining That Waist 

Give an extra edge to your outfit with belts which will flatter your waist. Foldover waist is a trend to watch out for.

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5. Shoes To Adore

Sneakers will stay, but it’s time to introduce more styles too. Mules and high platforms will set the trend in the most unique way possible.

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6. Slogan Prints 

Make a statement in the simplest way possible. Empowering messages on t-shirts will become a rage very soon!

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7. Bra Tops 

Overexposing will be a thing this spring, with bra tops being the highlight. You can team them with a sheer over top or a jacket to reveal everything.

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8. Statement Earrings 

Big and eccentric statement earrings will continue to dominate the fashion scene this year.

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Stay stylish, stay in trend!

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