Skin Care Tips for Holi

Being one of the major Hindu festival in India, Holi is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Phalgun, which is the month of March. This festival also marks the arrival of Spring season, which is the season of hope and joy. Gulaal in various hues, pichkaris in modernistic designs and loads of gujiya, mathri and papri are synonymous with this festival. Also, the only Indian festival that leaves its mark in the literal sense is, Holi. As much as it is a festival of colours, it is of chemicals as well.

However, with some precautions, you can save yourself from a lot of allergies and skin problems. Here are certain skin care tips for a care free and fun-filled Holi!

1. Cover – up 
While you dig out old clothes which can be worn for holi, make sure you pick something which will cover maximum part of your body and won’t expose your skin. You can probably pick full-sleeved shirts and old denims or trousers.
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2. Oiling

Oiling your skin and hair before you step out to play Holi, can really help you to decrease the damage from harmful chemicals. The grease of oil will ensure that the chemicals don’t stick to your skin and further settle into your skin.

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3. Keep Yourself Hydrated 
Yes, staying hydrated while playing holi is very essential. Dehydration can make your skin dry and when it comes in contact with harsh chemicals, the colour might seep into your skin.
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4. For Ears, Nails and Lips

You can soak your nails in olive oil, so that they do not soak up any colour while you play holi and then coat your nails with a thick coat of nail paint and put vaseline under the edges. Applying vaseline on your lips and ears will protect them from chemicals.

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5. Take Off The Colours When You’re Still Wet

Removing colours after you’re done playing is the toughest part. It’s advisable to remove them while you’re still wet. Dry colours can be tough to remove. However, they will come off eventually with subsequent showers.

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6. Remember To Be Gentle 

Do not rub or scrub your skin too hard in the process of removing the colours. It can damage your skin. Rather apply a gentle exfoliating scrub or curd on those areas for a gentle, yet effective result. For people who suffer from acne, it is advisable to wash the face and body with an antibiotic soap.

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7. Don’t Forget to Moisturise 

After taking a shower, moisturise your entire body thoroughly and allow it to breathe.

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Avoid visiting the parlour for some days for facials or any other major treatment, as it can lead to skin irritation and there are chances that the colours, instead of coming off might seep deep into your skin.

Keep your spirits high and have a fun-filled Holi!

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