Rann Utsav

Kutch is a district in Gujarat state in Western India, it is also the largest district of our country. The word Kutch means something which becomes sporadically wet and dry, the larger part of this district, which is also called the Rann of Kutch remains submerged in water during rainy season and then it becomes dry during other seasons.

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It is also famous for its marshy salt flats that become white like snow , after the shallow waters dry up before the monsoon rains. Being the world’s largest salt desert, measuring around 10,000 kilometers, is an exceptional place to visit in Gujarat.

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The very famous desert festival of this region Rann Utsav, which starts from December and goes on till February is absolutely worth experiencing. It highlights the vibrant culture and heritage of the Kutch region. Visitors get to witness the folk dances, music, handicrafts, food stalls and adventure sports. On the fringe of white salt desert, tents are set up to accomodate the visitors. With scenic celebrations which go on for about 107 days, is a perfect example of cultural heritage which is tailor made for the canvas of White Rann.

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The brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism, Amitabh Bachchan’s words ‘kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat mein’ ring absolutely true, visiting Rann of Kutch will indeed be an experience of a lifetime.

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