Project Fuel – Teaching life lessons, one story at a time

Project Fuel was founded in 2009, by Deepak Ramola – A Life Skill Educator, who likes to collect life lessons from all over the world. He uses these life lessons to pass on the learnings with the help of workshops, seminars and activities.

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Born and brought up in Dehradun, 24-year-old Deepak is a young man of many talents. He is a lyricist, having written songs for Bollywood movies like Wazir and Manjhi. He has acted in TV serials like Sasuraal Simar ka and movies like¬†Bodygaurd and Isi Life Mein. Apart from this, Ramola is also a journalist, script analyst, screenplay writer and a spoken poet. During his teenage years, Deepak had a habit of collecting life lessons of different people and he was even given an opportunity to publish them. But, he decided to put these lessons to use and that’s how Project Fuel was started, when Deepak was just 17 years old.

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At Project Fuel, every life lesson is documented, deeply thought about and then turned into performance activities. This is how participants don’t just hear lessons, but also experience them and apply them in their own life. The organisation is of the belief that, a life lesson from another human being, can help shine light on the understanding of our own life. Therefore, the name FUEL , which stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson.

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In 2013, one session conducted by Deepak at a Punjab school was documented and presented. This video was acknowledged by many and it also got Deepak an opportunity to deliver a TED talk. Since then, Project Fuel sessions have been conducted in various parts of India, Nepal and Afghanistan. Life skill workshops by this organisation, are a unique mix of interactive mediums and performance arts like theatre, creative writing and storytelling. These workshops have helped people from diverse sections of the society like school children, old people, children with disability, orphans, immigrants, refugees, underprivileged etc.

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While, Deepak is on a mission to leave a positive impact on people’s lives, we found his own life journey quite inspiring. May the society know, be and raise individuals like him.



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