Pattachitra Paintings – Traditional Paintings of Orrisa

Pattachitra is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Patta’ which means cloth and ‘Chitra’ which means picture. It is a term given to traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, of eastern state Orrisa, in India. Earlier it was done only on cloth canvas and known to depict hindu mythology, today Pattachitra artists are exploring new designs and themes. There was a time, when this art form was known to be associated only with men, but with time, woman have also mastered it and are contributing to sustain this rare heritage.

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The materials used to make this painting are vegetable, earth and mineral sources. Most commonly used colours are black, white, yellow and red. Black colour is made out of lampblack, yellow from haritali stone and red from hingal stone. Today, these paintings can be seen as memorabilia on temple walls, greeting cards, apparels and as objects of home decor. History also tells us that, these paintings were traditionally drawn by Mahapatras or Maharanas – the original artist caste of Orrisa.

Here are some hand crafted pattachitra apparels and home decor artefacts that will stay with you for generations to come –


1. Maroon and Off-White Cotton Silk Hand Painted Long Kurti By Kruti – Apparel



2. Multicoloured Digitally Printed Cotton Silk Kurta By Sariyana



3. Beige Cotton Silk Hand Painted Shirt By Kruti – Apparel



4. Black Hand Painted Chanderi Cotton Saree By Crafts Collection



5. Maroon Hand Painted Silk Saree By Crafts Collection



6. Black Hand Painted Eri Silk Dupatta By Crafts Collection



7. Beige Hand Painted Tussar Silk Dupatta By Crafts Collection



Home Decor 

1. Indian Princess Paper Painting By Kruti



2. Pattachitra Painting On Silk By Kruti



3. Majestic Peacock Paper Painting By Kruti




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