The Mughal era introduced a variety of art techniques to Indian culture. An ancient form decorating metal with enamel, Meenakari is one of the most sophisticated art forms that India has to offer.

Mainly developed in Rajasthan and Varanasi, Meenakari is India’s oldest jewellery making technique and the end result is delicate, intricate and extremely colorful. Meenakari work can be found on various articles like jewelry – bangles, necklaces, rings, pendants, anklets, brooches and on furniture like chairs, cupboards, boxes etc.

Intricate carvings with gold and silver metals with Indian motifs like peacock, parrots, elephants, flowers can be traditionally found on Meenakari pieces. Nowadays designers are going beyond these traditional motifs to create new patterns for the new age consumer.

Often studded with gems, the Meenakari art form requires high degree of skill, creativity and lots of patience. The artist who do this work are called Meenakars.

How you can incorporate Meenakari:



One of the most elegant jewellery, the Meenakari can make any look extremely sophisticated. Wear it with Indian or western, Meenakari is sure to brighten up your look. Shop Meenakari inspired jewellery by Karigiari only on Indianroots.


Besides jewellery various home décor items can be found with Meenakari work. Considerably cheaper than other art forms Meenakari can add an Indian hue to your home.



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