Summer’s here! which means hot, sunny and humid days are here to make everyone’s skin more oily and greasy. In this article we have listed a few ways that will help you battle this problem. But before we get onto that, we need you to first please forget and erase the fact that oily skin requires more or harsher treatments opposed to other skin types. This pre conceived notion makes people take drastic measures to handle and maintain their skin. Know that all skin types need attention and a regimen to make it look its best.

Typically oily skin appears shiny and dull compared to other types and even has the tendency to develop pimples, pores or blemishes, making it look unhealthy and dull. But with proper measures and making you a priority you can avoid getting oily skin this summer!

Points to follow:

Don’t over wash: Most people believe in the myth that the more they’ll wash the less oily their skin will appear! That’s not true! Washing your face twice a day is sufficient to get rid of all the dirt and oil build up. More than that would lead to depletion of moisture and hence stimulate extra oil generation. So washing often technically works against such skin type.

Agreed summers can get really nasty and two times just doesn’t seem enough, if you do really, really need to then was your face with cold water with no face wash or scrub! You can also use a cleanser with salicylic acid at night during the summers. This ingredient works brilliantly for oily skin as it helps exfoliates oil-producing glands and reduces the amount of oil secreted by the skin.

Reduce the makeup: Its best to avoid foundation in summers, even though it may feel like the most difficult and unreasonable thing to do. Foundation not only feels heavy and gets runny, but it also pours into your pores and clogs them, thereby producing more oil. Stick to powders, concealers or tinted moisturizers. By the end of summer you will notice how this helped get your skin all clear and glowing!

Watch your diet: Diet is a significant factor in the management and prevention of oily skin in summer. Oily, fried, spicy foods are what you must try and stay away from as much as possible. They dilate the blood vessels and make you sweat! Infact try and even stay away from alcoholic beverages, they doo do your skin no favors. Instead opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the ones rich in vitamin A, B2 & B5 help slow oil production and rejuvenate the skin.

Exfoliate regularly: Since oily skin tends to have a layer of dead skin cells on skins surface, its recommended to exfoliate once a week to clean out the pores and relieve the skin of dead cells. Follow exfoliation with a clay or salicylic acid based mask, as they both temporarily decrease oil production in the skin.

Sunblock: Use more and more of sunblock, forget your moisturizers if you must! A healthy dose of sunblock surprisingly helps control oil and shine. Skip your morning moisturizer and instead use sunblock’s with oil absorbing micronized zinc oxide or titanium dioxide block.

Blot it out: Use oil blotting papers to soak up excess oils.  These miracle papers don’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

FYI: Oily skin is less likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines and this works out to be one of the great advantages of having this skin type.


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