Kudremukh – Known yet Unknown

Just when the summer sun is scorching right above us, don’t you seek for an adventure into a perfect blend of mystic beauty and serene landscape? So here is a travel hotspot for you, which has remained unknown to many- Kudremukh.

Kurinjal Peak Kudremukh

Located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, it derives its name from the shape of a hill, which resembles the face of a horse, hence giving it the name Kudre (horse) – mukh (face). This place is a perfect combination of a hill station, with a national park along and beautiful pristine waterfalls. To add icing to the cake, the place is also a golden oldie for trekking and adventure sports, which just seem to add to its beauty and charm, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Kurinjal Peak Kudremukh

The trekking trails in Kudremukh are known for their breathtaking panoramas as the backdrop to its abundant natural resources. The Ghat roads wind around such splendid landscapes. And there’s more in store for adventure enthusiasts! Kudremukh offers travellers to explore about 13 trekking routes, some easy while other prove difficult. Most of these trekking routes mostly bend around a few key points at Samse, Navoor and Hevala.


And especially for those seeking a relief from the summers, the Hanumana Gundi Waterfalls spills onto natural rock formations from a height of more than 100 feet. Getting to the falls involves some trekking though, but these grand falls prove worth to all that hard work you’ll need to do to get there.

Grass Dart at Kudremukh National Park

For the wildlife aficionado, Kudremukh National Park, an area enlisted under the Global Tiger Conservation Priority-I, seems to be flocked with animals as well as thousands of tourists, who visit it every year.

This place leaves you awe-struck with its beauty and hospitable localities, and is a must see this summer!


Photocredits: Anand Bharadwaj (creative common source)

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