No amount of time is ever adequate to span across and imbibe everything a country has to offer! Sometimes even a lifetime seems less! India, a land that enthralls and remains an enigma to any and everyone who attempts to capture its essence through the lens. 

Mike Matas, on a journey across India on auto-rickshaws and trains, brings together his 30 most lively days in this vibrant land. Capturing every bit that truly defines India, from colorfully adorned trucks to the spicy street food, the serenity of the backwaters in the South to the starkness of the Himalayas in the North, the innocence of street children to the buzz of Indian mohallas…all captured in 3000 frames!

Enjoy this video journey of over 2000 miles of hues and culture, love and amusement in just 3 minutes, truly the Desi way!

Journey Across India from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

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