Jaipur: Land of Timeless Art and Craft

Jaipur is India’s most culturally enriched city with abundant traditional skills and everlasting craftsmanship. From Bandhani to miniature paintings, crafts in Jaipur are a never ending list that need to be explored.

Jaipur, being the most favoured destination for travel and tourism, is undoubtedly a storehouse of conserved handicrafts of Indian heritage and hence deserves the gallantry it receives from tourists all around the world. Here, we present to you the best of Jaipur’s unfading art and craft that defines the imperishable beauty of this pink city.

1) Bandhani:-

Bandhani, a typical tie and dye style of colouring on clothes, has its origins in the beautiful city of Jaipur. As the name suggests, this type of work involves tying long clothes together and dying them in liquid colours. Bandhani is an integral part of Jaipur’s craft and displays vibrant colours along with distinct prints and motifs.

Multicoloured Embroidered & Printed Georgette Bandhani Saree By Mahotsav
Multicoloured Embroidered & Printed Georgette Bandhani Saree By Mahotsav


2) Block Printing:-

Block Printing is an age old printing technique in Jaipur which creates fine shapes and motifs through carved rocks. Block printing is widely used today and is preferred because of the man-made craftsmanship involved in this type of printing. Though this process is extremely labour intensive, it creates one of the best looking prints ever.

Image Source: Indianroots
White Cotton Georgette Block Printed Dress By Grassroot by Anita Dongre


3) Meenakari & Kundan:-

Meenakari and kundan are the two most alluring jewellery embellishments originating in Jaipur. A traditional form of Red and Green beading, Kundan is a favourite among Indian brides and is preferred all over the world. Meenakari, again a very precious ornamental work, is a form of colouring metals and creating delicate and complex designs. Jaipur’s Johari bazaar is a hub for semi precious stones and Meenakari work. Get an instant royal look with this highly exquisite jewellery set featuring Meenakari Work from Indianroots.com.

Image Source: Indianroots
Gold Brass Meenakari & Stone Embellished Necklace Set By Jewellery By Libas Riyaz And Reshma Gangji


4) Blue Pottery:-

One of the iconic handicrafts of Jaipur, Blue pottery is still very much in vogue because of the antique look it brings into our homes. A classic decorative accessory, blue pottery is prepared using tinted fuller’s earth and should be handled with care to avoid damaging the structure.

Image Source: shahsofstyle.files.wordpress.com
Image Source: shahsofstyle.files.wordpress.com


5) Zari and Zardozi:-

Jaipur is famous for its zari and zardozi embroidered work which is mostly used for party wear outfits. Jaipur produces one of the best bridal embroidery in India using these skilled crafts which normally involves golden thread work and is one of the most attractive forms of embellishments. You can get the best of zari and zardozi collections at Indianroots.com.

Image Source: Indianroots.com
Beige & Blue Zardozi Raw Silk Crop Top And Skirt By Amit Sachdeva


6) Gota Patti:-

Gota Work or Gota Patti is a renowned art form of Rajasthan. Mostly considered to be an elite form of embroidery, Gota work is extremely difficult to create and requires too much intricate thread work. Indianroots presents you the dapper Anita Dongre collection featuring stunning Gota Patti work.

gota patti final
Blue & Golden Embroidered Silk Lehenga Set By Anita Dongre


7) Miniature Paintings:-

Jaipur’s miniature paintings are a collection of rich historical archives that display warriors, camels and the mughal kings of India. An elegant art form, miniature paintings are a delight to the eye and portray the rich culture of Rajasthan’s history. Introduced by the Mughal Kings, miniature paintings have gained prominence due to the excellent painters of Jaipur. Rajasthan is also a host to a large number of miniature painting schools that have survived the test of time.

Image Source: indiapicks.com
Image Source: indiapicks.com




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