Jadau: A Technique Or A Type of Jewellery?

If stories of kings, queens and magnificent palaces have always fascinated you, then you’ll surely be enamored by the magnificence of Jadau work. The traditional jadau is elite, royal and a reminder of the bygone era and the rich heritage of our country. The art of jadau work originates from the grandeur of Mughal era, although Indian craftsmen have largely contributed in popularising it with their ingenious skills and expertise. The process of making jewellery with this technique requires great skill and craftsmanship, as it is extremely intricate and time-consuming.

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The tradition of making jewellery with jadau work has been in practice in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan since the Mughal era. It is an original tradition of Bikaner city, Rajasthan. Although, Jaipur and Hyderabad are two cities which are very famous for their jadau work. Jadau is the technique or setting in which stones of Kundan or Polki are set.

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Jadau work is a teamwork in which a group of craftsmen are involved together. Each craftsman is responsible for carrying out a specific task – the Chiterias make the basic design, Ghaarias are involved in the process of engraving, enameling (or Meenakari) is done by the enameler and the goldsmith takes care of the gold. These days jadau work is not limited to jewellery alone, gift items, home decor, jewellery boxes and other decorative items are also using this work.

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A Little About the Process

The process of making jadau jewellery comprises of embedding precious and semi-precious stones, gems, crystals and beads in gold, which is slightly melted first. When the metal becomes malleable, stones are set on it with great artistry. It is then allowed to cool down until the stones get embedded on it without using any adhesive or carving.

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