International Yoga Day 2016

Hon’bl PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision of making Yoga an international phenomenon turned into a reality on December 11, 2014 when it was adopted by the United Nations council. Ever since, International Yoga Day has become a highly glorified event around the world and is celebrated with huge pomp and show. This year is no different and celebrities have already booked their dates for the longest day of the year.

Yoga is a typical Indian holistic approach of unifying soul and body through stretching and meditating postures. Performed widely as a generic form of exercise, Yoga has innumerable benefits for both body and mind without compromising much on one’s time and monetary boundations.

Image Source: i.amz.mshcdn, static6.businessinsider.
Image Source: i.amz.mshcdn, static6.businessinsider.

1) Yoga In India:-

International Yoga Day was one of the most celebrated events in India last year with participation of more than fifty thousand people across the country. India had set two remarkable Guinness World Records on that particular day for accommodating maximum number of nationals at one given place and witnessing the largest crowd gathering for an event.

2) Yoga in Russia:-

Over 33,000 people participated in Russia’s yogic session on first International Yoga Day, 2015. Moscow and sixty other regions in Russia organised massive events on this occasion.

3) Yoga in USA:-

Apart from India, Yoga Day was a major hit in The United States of America with over 30,000 Yoga enthusiasts gathering at the Times Square to practice Yoga turning it into a historic moment. This session was witnessed by India’s external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj.

4) Yoga in UK:-

UK has scheduled a three day yoga session for people to participate on the auspicious occasion of 2nd IDY.

5) Yoga in China:-

China has adopted Indian Yoga in a truly inspirational way and is a major promoter of yogic exercises. It has seen a large number of participation from its citizens last year and had organised events over 10 different regions.

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Image Source:

The world is ready to embrace the second International Yoga Day on the 21st of June and many grand events have been lined up for this iconic international day. India will present the maximum number of Yoga sessions with a major event at Chandigarh which will mark the presence of PM Narendra Modi. Russian federation is set to host the IDY on a larger scale this year after assessing last year’s success on the event. Moscow will host the major flagship event and is expected to witness participation of thousands of people. Like last year, US will host a number of Yoga shows with the major one being a public practice session at the iconic Times Square. These global events will mark the assemblage of all the major Indian officials abroad along with international delegates.

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