International Rural Women’s Day

Women rights and their empowerment is a much talked about issue, every now and then we debate on what should be done to make women more independent and sufficient. Those who belong to the economically stable sections of the society are still secure and better off when compared to the women who belong to the economically weaker sections of the society. To highlight the role played by rural women of the world to enhance the agricultural and rural development, United Nations has been celebrating 15th October as International Rural Women’s Day since 2008.

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Majority of the rural women depend on natural resources and agriculture for their livelihoods. They also represent a large proportion of agricultural labour force and work to produce, process and prepare the food available, thus the responsibility of food security lies in their hands. In order to make sustainable development a success, UN with its NGO organisations has been aiming to eradicate world poverty and hunger by ensuring that rural women have access to agricultural resources.

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Rural women from India have been involved in the handicrafts industry since the ancient times. The skill and expertise with which they make the handicrafts are no match to the products which are manufactured with machines. These artisans are an asset to the handicraft industry of our nation, but this is one industry that is still struggling to generate revenue for our skilled artisans.

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