Indian Youtube Make-up Gurus You Must Follow

Are you always in a dilemma when it comes to applying make-up? How to select the right kind of foundation? Which lip colour will suit your skin tone? Sounds familiar?

Most of us love to get ready for every occasion and not always to impress others, but to feel good about ourselves. Even if we are good at it, we can always do with some new make-up ideas, every now and then. Talking about something new, Youtube is widely growing as the go-to vlogging (video blogging) website.

This has given various enthusiasts a platform to share their passion and ideas on various topics. There are many Indian women who are making use of this and have transformed their love for make-up and skin to create engaging make-up tutorials.

Here are some youtubers who you can follow to get some great make-up advice:

  1. Corallista 

She has been living in Tokyo, but she devotes most of her time sharing beauty tips for the Indian skin tone. She mainly focuses on make-up tutorials to pull off  any look with the use of right colours for eyes and lips.

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2. kaushalbeauty 

This 27-year-old British born youtuber of Indian origin is a devoted beauty guru, with more than 867,956 followers. She provides detailed steps and proper information which makes her make – up tips easy to follow and recreate. She does both Bollywood and Hollywood inspired looks along with easy DIYs.

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3. farahdhukai

Farah is best known for sharing natural and budget friendly skin and hair regimens which she learnt from her grandmother. This vlogger resides in Canada and her videos are full of bright make-up tutorials which are very explanatory.

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It is the first Indian make-up, beauty, lifestyle and fitness video platform for women. It is a host for many beauty bloggers and the go-to place for all your style requirements. They have all types of videos , from showing you how to carry the gym look to ethnic party look.

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So, what have been waiting for? Subscribe to their channels already for some best beauty and make-up tips!


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