Indian Truck Art

India’s enigma has always radiated such a wide palette of colors, that sometimes you forget if those colors really exist or not! One can witness this anytime anywhere, even while travelling to any remote corner of our country!

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The geography of this multi-hued land is, as diverse as its culture. From the highest points to its lowest, no matter where you go, there is one thing that will always follow you, one thing that will sooner or later become your on-road companion and eventually a source of entertainment, i.e. The Indian Trucks.

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Indian roads and highways are made colourful and vibrant by the trucks which run on them. ‘Horn Please, Blow Horn, Use Dipper at Night, Wait for Side’ are some of the common messages we find written on the rear end of the truck. However, each time these are painted, they have a unique character.

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The vibrant art and the quirky one-liners, that are splattered all over the trucks, will engage you like none other. They paint a colorful scenery while you’re driving through the remote places of India.

Vehicle art
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Familiar motifs which reappear frequently are eagle on the globe, horn ok please, holy cow, peacock, lotus flower, god and goddesses and sometimes superstitious symbols too. Whether it’s the spelling errors or the weirdly drawn portraits, the Indian trucks never cease to bring a smile to ones face. Also, no part of the truck is left empty and is painted with detail.

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Sooner or later this makes you wonder why! Why would someone paint all over their vehicle? What joy does this bring to them? But, if you think about it, that for truck drivers it’s all their life is about! Driving up and down the varied terrains of this country. Trucks are not just a way to get around, but a unique piece of art which says a lot about the person behind the wheel. And this art is a piece of them, their heart, their homes being depicted, in more ways than one!

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