Indian Pop Art

Pop art has been around since the 1950’s. It emerged as a reaction to the predominantly elitist art prevalent at the time. That’s why it portrays kitschy elements which have mass appeal and profound impact on popular culture. Andy Warhol completely revolutionised the concept of pop art with his colour blocking contrasting images of popular cultural icons who had completely captured the human imagination during that era.

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Ethnic Indian pop art has been on the rise for quite a while now! In India, several artists were extremely inspired by bright exuberant colours, but added their own ‘desi’ twist to it.

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Bollywood retro images began to crop up in art articles and slowly trickled down to home decor, clothes and even collector items like pop art decorated cars.

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Most of these images are delightfully Indian and full of iconic imagery, be it film art, monuments and even historical royalty. The eye popping colours form a flawless fusion which the Indian culture celebrates. Many designers have introduced pop art into their designs, like Manish Arora and Nida Mahmood. This has influenced the fashion choices of many people and in some ways, their lifestyle too.

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Pop art is truly an interesting bridge between arty and dull, as it fuses everyday elements of culture, business, music and entertainment to flaunt an eclectic piece of art.

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