No occasion is complete, till you don’t have that someone special to share it with. But when it comes to a wedding this someone is swapped with the near and dear entourage that help complete the vibrant celebrations!

Even though very new, the concept of bridesmaids is one tradition that’s rapidly picking and evolving. Personally, I feel it’s a great idea to have your girlfriends near by to attend at all your whims and fancies! And why not, after all who but them understand all the deep rooted fears and superficial ecstasies that you’re made of! In fact to be honest it’s a world without bridesmaids that I fear!

Being a new-age concept in Indian weddings, many still wonder and remain confused as to what would be the most appropriate bridesmaids dress. Since the Indian wardrobe offers such a variety, the age old query of whether to dress them alike or to follow a theme keeps cropping up! Honestly that is just a matter of personal taste! What one really needs to worry about is what out of this extravagant range of ethnic wear should one choose. Sari, lehenga, anarkali, what???

Here are a few ideas we thought might help!


Simple, traditional and comfortable! Whether as a patiala, anarkali or a salwar kameez is a great option, as you can get it stitched easily and trot around in it with elan!

Indian Bridesmaids Suit 2

Indian Bridesmaids Suit 3

Indian Bridesmaids Suit 1


The one size fits all and no trials required, makes the sari the most hassle free outfit when it comes to bridesmaids. An item that can be found and bought in bulk is one major reason behind it being the most common attire!

Indian Brides Maid Sari 1

Indian Bridesmaid Sari 2

Indian Brides Maid Sari 3


A good and economical option if you have few bridesmaids and if you’re fine about all your friends wearing what you’re going to wear! Ya I didn’t think so either! But if you’re the ‘don’t care‘ kind, you can get a simpler one stitched for your lovelies!

Indian Bridesmaids Lehenga 1

Indian Bridesmaids LehengaFUSION WEDDINGS: 

If you’re marrying a non Indian marrying an Indian, there are plenty of experimental ideas you can incorporate. From simply blending Indian Pre-wedding rituals into your wedding or even just taking creativity from Traditional Indian Outfits.

Here are some interesting ideas for you:

Indian Dress

Fusion Wedding 3

Fusion Weddin 1

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