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Mithila can be referred to as a mixture of art and life. An ancient cultural form of art from rural India, Mithila art is famously known as madhubani art. Madhubani means forests of honey and done by sketching pictures with the help of a pen. The origins of this art form come from the Mithila region, in Bihar where it is traditionally practiced.

One of the oldest forms of art, Mithila was originally practiced by housewives to decorate their houses on social and cultural occasions. It is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation and till date women in Bihar carry on this tradition by decorating their homes with Mithila art.

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Mithila Art is known as the folk art of Bihar, the central themes of this art revolve around love, valor, devotion etc. and some also depict the daily life style, culture, tradition and the environment of people who belong to the Mithila region. Even being centuries old, till date the originality of this art form is preserved.

Mithila was once used as a tool for educating the housewives, when women were deprived of any form of formal education in rural India and was traditionally painted on the floor & walls with a brush or bamboo pens, sometimes even fingers were used as drawing instruments.

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These paintings also follow a variety of themes ranging from nature to science, spirituality to  geometrical patterns and incorporate the use of herbal colors, that are extracted from plants. Paintings depicting different occasions such as life, death, marriage, festivals like Durga Pooja, Laxmi Pooja, Makar sakranti, Diwali, Bhai Dooj etc. can be found.

Mithila are form mainly comprises of two colouring styles, kachni (hatching) and Bharni (shading). Kachni uses fine delicate black lines to fill the paintings and not much color is used whereas Bharni uses solid vibrant colors to shade and fill the pictures.

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The distinguishing fact about Mithila Art was that it belonged exclusively to the women’s world. Mithila Art helps one explore India’s Diversity, Culture and History. Mithila art did not fade out with time but instead passionately imbibed and taken to newer heights in exploring Incredible India.


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