Indian Ads That We All Love

Sales or Marketing is not a very easy job. A lot of research, planning and thought goes in the whole process, it is believed to be an arena of a person with an inquisitive personality. Now how else will you sell a product if you’re not curious enough to ask, that ‘why do humans behave the way that they do?’

Advertising undoubtedly remains the most difficult field of marketing, it’s not easy to come up with something creative and different every time in order to produce an advertisement that will be gripping yet convey the message. There are many Indian television commercials that have hit the cord among the audience and had a lasting impact on their mind. Let’s have look at a few of such ads –

1. Coke Ad Featuring Aamir Khan as a Nepali


Aamir Khan is a Nepali tourist guide for a newly married couple. In the middle, the couple decides to take a coke break. Tempting as it is, the guide also demands ‘thanda’, but upon being given a regular thanda drink, guide Aamir decides to fool the husband. He shows them Taj Mahal, Tiger and describes the entire hill station as Delhi. That’s when the husband calls him a freak who thinks he is Aamir Khan and then the guide exclaims, ‘samjhta nahi hai sahab, Aamir Khan he hai’. The commercial ends with Aamir dancing and singing ‘thanda matlab coca-cola’. It was a light hearted ad that connected very well with all the coca-cola lovers.

2. Airtel celebrating friendship 


A fun ad commercial with a background music that is catchy and makes you tap to it’s beats. It was an instant favourite among everyone – from youngsters to oldies who could reminisce their young carefree days.

3. Tanishq wedding film


One of the most beautiful adverts that we came across is the Tanishq wedding film ad which celebrates remarriage. Tanishq gives a beautiful message about why some stereotypes must be questioned. 

4. Feviquick being funny 


Remember that hilarious advertisement by Feviquick where a man is trying to catch a fish and tries to shush anybody who tries to shout but then a South Indian man comes and puts some drops of feviquick on a stick which he then dips into the pond and the moment he takes it out a few fishes are stuck on the stick, he then laughs and goes away while the other man keeps on watching him in surprise. The ad was so funny that it became an instant hit among the audience. It was also a different turn for the Indian advertising industry with new innovative ideas coming to light.

5. Dhaara’s jalebi ad


It shows a boy who has run away from home and is ready to board the next train, only to never return home. Upon being asked by Ramu kaka as to why he is not at home, the boy’s reply is that nobody at home loves him and that they keep scolding him. When he’s told that his mom made Jalebi, the child is too tempted with this prospect to not return home. The way the child exclaims ‘Jalebi’ (exactly what our reaction is when it’s mentioned) is what connected with everyone. Till date this ad has an impact on us and the way it has portrayed innocence and depicted the parent-child bond is absolutely wonderful.


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