Holi Special – How to make organic colours?

‘Holi ka gulaal ho

Rango ki bahaar ho

Gujiya ki mithaas ho

Ek baat khaas ho

Sabke dil mein pyaar ho

Yehi Apna tyohaar ho’

Holi – the colour of festivals – fills young and old alike with a zest and fervour which no other festival possibly can. While, holi is one festival where clothes, accessories and make-up do not matter. The only thing which concerns everybody is the quality of colours being used.

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Celebrating an eco-friendly holi will make your celebration very different and harmless. Here are a few recipes to prepare natural colours at home. This will not just make your holi an economical one, but also guarantee no side-effects on your skin.


Gram flour (besan) and Turmeric (haldi) are extremely healthy for the skin and make a brilliant yellow. Turmeric has great antiseptic properties and gram flour is a great cleanser. This is one colour which will fetch you compliments for a glowing skin after holi.

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The red and pink colours are most loved by everyone. Beetroot is the best choice to make red colour. Add beetroot to boiling water and make a concentrated concoction and dilute it with water. Cranberry (kokam) is another option, take a good amount of cranberry and soak it in a bucket of water overnight. By morning, you will have a deep red colour ready.

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This is another easy colour to prepare, all you’ll have to do is use some saffron (kesar) boiled in water. It will give a bright shade of orange.

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Mix henna (mehendi) powder with some flour to get a dry green colour. When mixed with water, the mixture will give a semi-permanent colour on your skin. However, it will not pose any harm.

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