Lights Camera Action! Does that trigger the filmy enthusiast in you? We don’t blame you! We introduce you to the magical world of The Hindi Cinema or ‘Bollywood’!

Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai.  The term “Bollywood” has origins in the 1970s, when India overtook America as the world’s largest film producer. Credit for the term has been claimed by several different people, including the lyricist, filmmaker and scholar Amit Khanna, and the journalist Bevinda Collaco.

When Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian Cinema, released his feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ on 3rd May 1913, it is unlikely that the pioneer film maker realized they were unleashing a mass entertainment medium that would hold millions in sway for the next hundred years! It’s a miracle that Indian cinema has withstood the test of time despite the cultural differences in the past 100 years.

Change is the only constant. New faces, new styles and new icons have given a chance to the audience to stay loyal to Bollywood. Isn’t it the dazzle of film stars that makes watching movies, worth it? Their beautiful faces flickering across the screen is the prime reason we watch films!

We bring to you, the memorable actors who’ve defined the era of their times in Bollywood and captured the hearts of millions:

1) Amitabh Bachchan: 


First look: Saat Hindustani. 

There isn’t anyone who has ever been compared to this legend in the industry. His expressive eyes speak volumes leaving everyone mesmerised. He charmed the audience with the portrayal of the ‘angry young man’ in the 70s and created a furore! Every piece of clothing he wore became a style statement to die for!

Only he can get away with saying ‘Buddha Hoga Tera Baap!’

2) Dharmendra: 


First look: Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960) 

He gave the term ‘macho man’ a new definition. His chiselled face and brooding but expressive eyes made him the toast of the town. It was him, who first made the shirtless look so dishy! He proved he didn’t need to be metrosexual to be popular. We think he looks the best in his messy avatar in the cult film, Sholay! Dig the denim jackets and the radiant smile!

3) Rekha: 


First look: Saawan Bhadon (1970) 

Saying she’s beautiful will be an understatement. Evergreen is what describes her beauty to the hilt.

Here is a face that melted a thousand hearts, made them more alive and vibrant! Don’t you still remember her floral dresses in Khubsoorat and the chiffon sarees in Silsila? Time  hasn’t deterred her beauty, it has only made her younger. We can’t associate the Kanjeevaram sarees with anyone else. They belong to her.

With every passing year, she looks more beautiful than ever.

4) Shah Rukh Khan: 

SRKFirst Look: Deewana(1992) 

This man needs no introduction. His dimples put him in a different league. Never considered a conventionally good looking man, his face always had the quality to capture the hearts of millions.

He has been voted the sexiest man of Asia a couple of times. With his charm that works on us, we are not complaining!

5) Madhuri Dixit: 


First look: Abodh (1984) 

The one with a million dollar smile, Madhuri Dixit defines beautiful. She reigned the film industry for an entire decade and her beauty and style became inspirational for everyone, alike. We are still looking for the ‘Hum Aapke hai Koun’ saree.  Aren’t you? But, no one can bring the grace she brought, to everything she wore. She got the entire nation dancing with joy when she decided to join the film industry again. Truly, the epitome of beauty and grace!

6) Aamir Khan: 

Aamir KhanFirst look: Holi (1984) 

He is hot. Don’t just mistake that to be his six packs but we talk about the effort that he puts in every character. How many 40 year olds can play a 20-something college student with so much conviction? There, you have your answer!

7) Vidya Balan: 

VBalanFirst Look: Parineeta (2005) 

Fashion bloopers remind you of Vidya Balan. But, you tend to ignore it because you know the beauty isn’t just skin deep. Her face is like a breath of fresh air, in movies that give you a headache. But, she’s not just a pretty face. After winning a Filmfare Award for The Dirty Picture, that surely doesn’t need more proof!

8) Kareena Kapoor: 

KKFirst look: Refugee (2000) 

She single handedly made size zero a nationwide phenomenon. One look at her in Refugee and now, you don’t see much change. She looks as fresh today as she did then!  Her bubbly charm and radiant smile, make the nation root for her, even in times of her flop films…which are way too many.

9) Ranbir Kapoor:

RKFirst look: Saawariya ( 2007) 

He bared it all in Saawariya and had the girls drooling, since then. He can transform from a comic character in Ajab Prem ki gazab Kahani to the mature and demure him in Rajeenti, with ease.  His smile says a million things and reaches the audience making him their favourite!

What more could you ask for?

10) Deepika Padukone: 

DeepikaFirst look: Om Shanti Om (2007) 

She has the height and skin that could give most men and women a complex. She got the right curves and moves! If there is a modern dream girl, it will be her! Every woman wants to emulate her style. She scores a perfect 10!

Don’t just doubt her acting prowess. We give you a hint..go watch Cocktail.

They’re not done entertaining you. Not yet!


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