Here’s How You Beat Post-Vacation Blues

Travelling might be the best way to learn, explore and experience something different. But, no matter how much you travel, at some point you have to return home. First few days after a trip are usually blissful, the joy of meeting your family and friends after so long, eating home-cooked meals, sleeping in a comfortable bed are some things which you love to return to.

However, those of you who are well travelled understand how tough it is to return from a trip and slot into the everyday routine. Post-travel blues get to all of us at some stage, as it’s always harder to come back home to everyday routine than leaving it. So, here’s you can deal with post-vacation blues –

  1. Unpack and tidy up 

There are going to be several things which will appeal to you more than unpacking your bag, but you should resist the urge to do anything else other than that. Plus, ‘tidy room, tidy mind’! After all having an unpacked bag full of clothes, accessories and other souvenirs will only add to the stress of re-adapting to your daily routine.

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2. Reconnect with your friends

Go for a night out and recount the memories of your trip to your friends, they will definitely enjoy it and it might inspire them also to plan a trip. Also, meeting friends is always a good stress buster.

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3. Organise your photographs 

If you’re a sentimental person, you’ll love to look back at the photographs from the trips taken everywhere. Plus, it will take your mind off the trip!

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4. Get cooking 

Every trip gives us an opportunity to try different kinds of food items. Our taste buds are usually great tools to reignite old memories. So, you can try to prepare all the dishes you tried while you were on a trip. This will be a great way to extend your trip and it will also teach you some good culinary skills too.

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5. Write about your experience 

If travel is a way of life, then to write is to re-live the experiences and we all love to pause for a while to revisit the moments, which brought us great joy once!

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Planning another trip can also be therapeutic, what say?


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