Happy Baisakhi Everyone!

Baisakhi (also known as Vaisakhi) is the Sikh New Year and the day when Khalsa Panth was found. It is also known as the harvest festival of Punjab region and is celebrated every year on 13th April. It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving day by farmers as they pay tribute to God for bestowing them with abundant harvest.

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Baisakhi also coincides with two other new year festivals which are celebrated as Pohela Boisakh in Bengal and Bohag Bihu in Assam. Bhangra dance (which is also known as harvest dance), kite flying, singing and dressing up form an integral part of Baisakhi celebrations.

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Processions called Nagar Kirtan make their way along the streets and sing hymns from Guru Granth Sahib which is a sacred book of worship of the Sikhs.

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Melas (fairs) are also organised in many cities of Punjab state. So this Baisakhi let the the awesomeness take over you and revel in the bounty of everything that nature is about to offer!

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