Hairstyles for Brides with Short Hair

Wedding is a very special occasion for every girl. A lot of preparations are done by the bride-to-be and her family to make the wedding a memorable one. Bridal clothes are always extravagant and regal and make – up and hairdo are also very to make a bride look splendid.

Finding a good hairdresser to suit your needs can be a real task. It is imperative for him/her to know what will work best for your hair and face. If you have short hair then styling can be slightly difficult, but worry not, it’s not impossible to style them! Have a look at few hairstyles which we have prepared for you –

1. Simple and Neat Curls

Curls are evergreen and look good on any type of hair length. For short hair, simple and soft curls will add volume and give a very neat look. It won’t even take too long to get this style.

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2. Sleek and Straight

The sleek and straight look is best suited for short hair. Smart, hassle free and simple, this hairstyle is best suited for a cocktail party.

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3. Wavy Bob

Wavy bob is another word for elegance personified. Easy to manage and classy, this hairstyle will surely add oomph to your traditional look, when styled intelligently.

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4. Braided Updo

Braids are perfect to achieve that princess like look. Adding embellishments to the braid, will add personality to the evening attire.

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5. Curly Updo

Curly updo will never go out of trend and short hair can definitely be tied in an updo. Look mesmerizing and graceful in this ever stylish hairstyle. 

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For healthy and shiny hair, oil them on a regular basis and invest on hair care products that suit you.



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