Gifting Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is that joyous festival which may not be celebrated by everyone in the country, but it surely is one of the most awaited festival. It is of great significance for the Christians and is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm, decorations and preparations. However, tradition of celebrating Christmas varies from region to region.

Exchanging gifts is a very essential part of Christmas celebrations. Here we have provided a list of few ideas which can help you decide what to gift your loved ones this Christmas:

  1. Home Decor 

Any home decor item remains a quintessential gift item, irrespective of what occasion it is. It is also kind of personal which makes it special.

Image Source: 1. Pink Cord Piping Velvet & Polyester Cushion Cover 2. Hand Painted Papier Machie Coaster Circular 3. Yellow Hand Crafted Gel Candles 4. Hand Painted Persian Kashti design Bowl( Brass coated inside) 5. Yellow Printed MDF & Recycled Acrylic Lamp 6. Multicoloured Hand Painted Wooden Box: Arabic Blend


2. Scarf 

Winter and scarves have always had a close association, so you can always select a beautiful scarf as a gift. It will be a fond reminder of you, every time your dear one adorns it.

Image Source: 1. Multicoloured Printed Silk Dupatta 2. Purple, Green & Black Wool Printed Stole 3. Off White & Pink Woven Cotton Stole


3. Watch

A smart watch will make for another special gift item and is also something which will be of use for years to come.

Image Source: 1. Rose Golden & Multicoloured Metallic Embellished Swarovski Stones Envika Watch 2. Black & Rose Golden Patent Leather Embellished Swarovski Stones Envika Watch 3. Silver & Multicoloured Metallic Envika Watch


4. Clutch

A chic clutch is every girl’s favourite piece of fashionable possession. Pick a statement clutch and see how it makes your loved one gush with joy.

Image Source: 1. Navy Blue Anchor Silk Clutch 2. White Embroidered Canvas And Pu Clutch 3. Black Dupion Silk Embroidered Clutch


5. Accessories 

Trinkets will always remain a very special gifting item. So, make sure you gift something beautiful, yet different.

Image Source: 1. Multicoloured Brass Stone Work & Hand Made Bracelet 2. Purple Tri Amethyst Cab Stone Ring 3. Red Silver Ring With Mirror 4. Multicoloured Alloy Metal Pearl & Stone Embellished Earrings



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