Gifting Guide For To Be Groom’s Bestfriend

He has been your partner in crime throughout your childhood, he has always saved you from all the troubles, he is your travel buddy and your go to person, who keeps all your secrets safe. From school, to college, to jobs – a lot has changed, but your friendship didn’t and that’s what makes your bond so special.

Now, the time has come for your friend to start a new chapter in his life. Marriage will surely bring lots of changes. So before he embarks on this new journey, we know you’re looking forward to present him gifts which will always remind him of you. Here’s a list of few options which you can consider while you decide what to gift to your friend.

  1. Everything Traditional

Nehru Jackets and Kurta Pyjamas look the best on an Indian man. You can gift him a melange of traditional wear.



2. Watch

A smart watch can add personality to a man’s look. So, present your friend with a watch which he will always cherish and remind him of you every time he wears it.

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3. Something Creative

Every individual has unique interests. So according to your friend’s interest, you can gift him something different, yet functional. For example, if your friend is an avid traveler, a set of liquor decanter will work.

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4. Gifts Which Say Mr. and Mrs.

Cheesy gifts can be cute sometimes. Delightful yet practical, these gifts are worth investing in.

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