Gifting Guide For The Bride To Be’s Bestfriend

She was your tutor before every exam, was your support system when you had your first heartbreak, has always been your shopping buddy, your travel companion and so much more. As you two grew up together, you’ve always had her by your side and there’s nothing more you could ask for in a friend. Through thick and thin, she has loved you like a sister. She means the world to you and now, she is about to start a whole new chapter of her life. Despite of all this, you know nothing is going to change between the two of you, your friendship will always remain eternal.

However, your best friend’s married life will bring another set of challenges for her. After all, marriage is that special bond which needs to be nurtured with love, care and commitment.

So, as you help her with all the preparations, we are sure you are also looking forward to gift her something which will always remind her of you and your special friendship. We have created a list of few options which you can consider while deciding what to gift.

  1. Ethnic Melange

Ethnic wear is something which will never go out of fashion for an Indian woman. You can gift her traditional apparel and jewellery specially curated by you. It will remind of her of you everytime she adorns them.



2. Travel-friendly Vanity Kit 

You can include everything in the kit – from bathing essentials to all the other important make-up essentials. Getting ready will become so convenient for your friend, everytime she travels.

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3. Travel Book 

This is an ideal gift for the bride to be who will plan for her honeymoon post-wedding. She can also take inspiration for trip ideas which she will take with her husband. A travel book of the world will contain all of the information about various countries in the world.

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4. Moments to relax

Indian weddings usually last for a week and leaves the couple tired and exhausted. You can book a spa appointment for your friend and her husband. It will be a great way for the couple to de-stress, refresh and rejuvenate.

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5. Gift Cards

Giving cash has always been a traditional gift in Indian weddings. You can present your friend with a gift card provided by banks or even gift cards of various brands. The couple can use it as they wish. Also, shopping will be a great way for the newly wed couple to spend some time together and learn something new about each other.

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Before your friend’s wedding, make sure you spend quality time with her and accompany her while she runs all the important errands before the wedding.


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