From the Heritage City of Banaras

One of the oldest cities in the world. The holy city of The Ganga and one of the oldest fashion hubs too. The city synonymous with exquisite silk and brocades. Banaras and its textile heritage dates back to the fourteenth century that flourished even more in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. What is fascinating is that it has never lost its place in the dialogue of fashion and textiles right from a mention in the Rig-Veda about a weave.


The fashion and textile scene here has seen meteoric highs as well as downward spirals! The textile landscape here ranges from carpet making to handloom and powerloom weaving.. block, screen and digital printing.. hand, machine and computerized embroidery. So basically it is brimming with a mix of traditional and modern techniques that cater to varied segments across domestic and overseas markets.


Banarasi sarees, too, are the finest saree in all of India. They are best known for their gold and silver brocade and silk embroideries and intricate thread work. They have exquisite designs and the engravings are heavy. Banarasi sarees usually carry designs inspired from the Mughal era, such as floral prints from Mughal murals and architecture. It can take about 15 days upto a month to weave, to sometimes, even 6 months. And the make of the saree depends entirely on the way the threads are woven, making them an exotic make of Indian silk.



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