Your Guide To Beauteous Scarves

Throughout the winters, a scarf is an important accessory. It doesn’t just help to keep you warm, but also lends a stylish touch to your look. A simple dress or top can look stylish and updated with a scarf wrapped around the neck. Scarves also make a fantastic choice as Christmas gifts and presents.

However, scarves can be worn all year round too – from streets to beaches and with various kinds of outfits. Scarves come in various types of fabrics and one must take the season into consideration while purchasing one. While scarves in simple colours are easy to integrate into anyone’s wardrobe, you can also experiment with various patterns and types of work done on scarves.

Here we’re providing the most common type of work which can add a different appeal to your outfit :

  1. Hand Woven

Hand woven scarves are usually expensive and their quality, texture and design complexity depends on the type weaving technique implied.

Black Hand Woven Pashmina Scarf by Pashmins


2. Embellishments 

These scarves are perfect when you want to look dressy, yet simple. The embellishment gives an appeal of a necklace to the scarf.

Red Viscose & Jersey Scarf With Pendant Jewellery by Premier Couture


3. Tie and Dye

The colourful tie and dye work of Rajasthan is an ancient type of dying technique practiced in the state of Rajasthan. A scarf which boasts of this work should definitely be a wardrobe must-have.

Blue & Orange Malmal Tie Dyed & Embroidered Scarf by Deshaj


4. Block Print

Block print is another craft technique practiced in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Vegetable dyes are most commonly used in this printing technique. A scarf which boasts of this technique can lend an eclectic touch to your look.

Cream Cotton Block Printed Scarf by Orchids Sutraa – Accessories


5. Digital Print

The fact that there are plenty of ways in which one can experiment with this printing technique is what sets it apart. There is no limitation when it comes to the number of patterns available in this type of printing technique.

Beige Digitally Printed Silk Scarf by Kashmiriyat


6. Kantha Work

One of the oldest forms of Indian embroidery and also a very popular embroidery style of West Bengal, it displays the skill of rural women in Bengal. The thought behind this needlework was to use old cloth materials to turn them into something new. It was traditionally done on quilts, dhotis and sarees, but now it has found its way into everyday Indian fashion.

Blue Embroidered Cotton Dupatta by Avika



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