Colours to Love This Spring Season

January has already slipped by and this time winter was pretty disappointing, with no liberty to experiment with layers, mufflers and caps. But fret not, spring is not too far and it will let you catch up on all the fashion tricks that you missed during winters and probably allow you to experiment more.

Before you decide to spruce up your wardrobe for the changing season, put everything on hold and do check out the spring colour forecast for this year.

1. Fiesta 

It will make your look pop and perfect for a statement evening look – Orange might really be the new black!

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2. Buttercup

With its rich and eclectic take on yellow, it will be enough to liven up your mellow mood when you’re not feeling bright.

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3. Green Flash

Just as the name suggests, this shade will bring the right kind of freshness to your look.

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4. Snorkel Blue

A unique twist has been given to navy blue and it will surely make heads turn your way, every time you adorn an outfit of this shade it will be like going on a vacation.

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5. Rose Quartz

A sweet reminder of your childhood. Pick an outfit in this shade to make your daytime look standout.

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6. Serenity

Yes, this one is as soothing as it sounds. Make a statement at the next brunch party with this colour.

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7. Lilac Gray

This classy blend of lilac and gray will add a unique touch of sophistication to your look.

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8. Limpet Shell

Shells are usually seen in tints and shades of brown and yellow, though limpet shell hue is probably the choicest shade of aqua.

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9. Iced Coffee

Subtle and giving a new definition to the word classy. Absolutely worth experimenting with.

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10. Peach Echo

This refreshing hue is to watch out for. It will breathe in fresh energy into your spring style file.

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