Brocade: A Reminiscent Of The Rich

The brocade fabric has always been associated with luxury and opulence. For years, it has been used for both clothing and furnishing purposes. Woven in draw loom, ornamental features are emphasized on the main fabric. It is probably the only fabric which doesn’t require embellishments and can lend a glamorous touch with its rich patterns.

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Brocade was an important fabric during the renaissance period and was the luxury fabric worn by the nobles in India, China, Greece, Japan and Korea. Although, the designs woven on these fabrics were often Persian in origin.

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Until 1801, brocades were woven manually on draw-looms operated by master weavers. After the use of machines was started, all the brocades are manufactured using jacquard devices. So in that case, we can say all the modern brocades are jacquards, but all jacquards cannot be called brocades.

Being so regal in its appeal and easy to carry, blouses and sarees made from brocade make for an essential wardrobe must-have. You can take a cue from few of them listed below –
1. Multicoloured Woven Brocade Silk Blouse By Divya Kanakia

2. Magenta Brocade & Chanderi Silk Half N Half Saree By Pakhi by Preeti Tomar



3. Maroon Brocade Zari Work Georgette Brocade Dress By Siya



4. Beige Brocade Anarkali Suit By Rohit Bal



5. Red Brocade Jacket By House of Qidwa



6. Orange Zari Woven Brocade Clutch By Mystiqual Designs



7. Green Brocade Sherwani By Rohit Bal



8. Multicoloured Brocade Table Runner By Fuschiaa Nation





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