Best Places To See Snowfall In India

If you’ve spent the larger parts of life in plains in India, or have always lived at its southern tips, chances are your fascination with snow would still be intact. With dry harsh winters in the northern plains, and temperature that steers clear of single digits in the south, its time we gave you a list of all snow places in India where you can have snowball fights, see snow fall and occasionally slip and fall, irrespective of the time of the year. Why? Because everyone deserves a snowman that can melt for you (reference olaf)!

  1. Sonamarg, Kashmir 

The beautiful town looks breathtaking covered in a snow blanket. Scenery is awe-inspiring if you take the road route to Sonamarg, which encompasses slopes, valleys, meadows and more. This definitely makes for it being popular amongst the top snowfall places in India.

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2. North Sikkim 

Yumthang is known for experiencing snow almost all year round. However, most of the areas here are prone to blockages and being shut down due to heavy snow. So, it’s advisable to always and always check and confirm before you plan a trip to this place.  Also if you are visiting in winter, prepare well to brave the extremely harsh winter conditions. But the spectacular views one gets while in one of the best snow places in India is totally worth the pains.

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3. Almora, Uttarakhand 

High Himalayan Peaks and beautiful forests dotted with temples and ashrams—Uttarakhand is a popular destination for yoga freaks, pilgrims and wildlife lovers alike!

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4. Manali

Despite being one of the most sought hill stations in India, the appeal of Manali never fades among tourists. Its emerald meadows, crystal clear rivers and the dancing drama of snowy slopping mounts and blue sky over the horizon are just unparallel. And with the onset of winters, the appeal only grows giving tourists’ pleasure of skiing and ice-skating.

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